Behind Every Great Idea… #IDEP2WMH

students from Idep Barcelona at WMH London

This week, WMH took great pleasure in greeting 30 students from the Idep Barcelona for a talk with our intrepid design, Chris Ribet.

Chris Ribert, designer at WMH giving talk to Idep Barcelona students

After a spot of breakfast, Chris engaged his audience with an insight into the world that is Williams Murray Hamm and a few helpful pointers for prospective graduates wanting to enter the London design job market.

Designer, Chris Ribet, giving talk to Idep Barcelona students and presenting JuiceBurst


Idep Barcelona presenting WMH Chris Ribet with print gifts

We really enjoyed meeting the next generation and we cannot wait to host more talks like this in the future!


So, If you fancy following in the shoes of Idep Barcelona with a visit to the WMH studios, drop us an email at

We look forward to meeting you!

Want to follow in Idep Barcleona's shoes by visiting the WMH studio?

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