Opening Doors for Trafficked Women

WMH-ELLAS-HOME-KEY-COFFEE-CUP-WEBElla’s Home is a new charity that will provide aftercare and opportunities for trafficked and sexually exploited women in London.

The charity is named after ‘Ella’ who was trafficked to London and was used in the sex industry. When Ella had to leave the brothel, suffering terribly from ill health, there was a complete lack of practical support available. She had no one to care for her and no home.


Ella’s Home will offer women, like her, a safe place to recover, skills training and the chance to be involved in small businesses with real job opportunities.

We gave Ella’s Home an identity that features a key, symbolising escape and a safe place and a strapline ‘Opening Doors for Trafficked Women’.

Excitingly, we have also worked on the campaign to highlight this problem of a lack of aftercare in London. Based on the fact that Ella is someone’s daughter, we have created a series of posters that play on the unconditional love that parents have with their children.

Working with student copywriter Sarah Mita, we wrote copy that takes that close relationship and puts a sting in the tail – ‘She was always our little cupcake, now she is sold like one.’

We wanted to avoid the cliché of charity advertising showing depressing imagery. The posters look simple and innocent, but hide a strong punch in the copy-line. The posters were designed and illustrated by Rachel Price, at Williams Murray Hamm and overseen by Garrick Hamm and Guy Lambert. The final set of posters were screen-printed by Tom Camp.

To find out more about this amazing charity, visit their facebook page , or follow them on twitter