Making chocolate even more irresistible

With Easter here, we can finally welcome the spring season. A perfect time to share with you some WMH news that involves chocolate.

Fortnum & Mason is Britain’s most famous luxury department store. As part of the significant rebrand a few years ago, WMH created the original designs for Fortnum’s enormous ‘Chocolossus’ biscuits. A seriously indulgent biscuit that’s double-coated in chocolate. These became famous for being a favourite of President Obama. So successful had they become, that two new variants were planned and we returned to create the packaging for them.

WMH’s work focused on a strong idea that customers might ponder as they enjoyed the product at home – that idea was about the biscuits’ irresistibility.

The new variants ‘Sticky Toffee Pudding’ and ‘Morello Cherry’ were, unsurprisingly, renamed by WMH as ‘Toffolossus’ and ‘Cherrilossus’. The packaging is adorned with images of sugar cane and cherry trees respectively. A bird steals cherries from a tree while an elephant, known for its love of sugar cane, drips golden toffee from its tusk.

Toffolossus and Cherrilossus are available to purchase at Fortnum & Mason’s flagship store in Piccadilly, as well as additional stores in St Pancras railway station, Heathrow Airport and Dubai. They’re also available online and at various stockists worldwide.







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