This luxury bodycare range sets out to make the world a brighter place. Brand owners, Intisar and Fatima Al-Sabah, wanted to capture the holistic benefits of colour in a series of formulations designed to encourage women to express themselves.

WMH created the brand name and the celebratory strapline, ‘Live life colourfully’, to explain the complex offer and introduce the idea that colour – yellow for optimism, green for harmony and so on – can uplift, enhance and inspire.

Colour is the hero. The colour splashes and intriguing variant names deliberately disrupt the category’s usual restraint. To complete the brand experience WMH created seven evocative films exploring the colours and their moods against a stirring soundtrack.

Prismologie is currently on exclusive sale in the UK at every SpaceNK store, and has now launched in Hong Kong’s Joyce Beauty chain.