Castrol Bio-Synthetic

Castrol is launching a new ‘bio’ variant Castrol EDGE and Castrol MAGNATEC that includes 25% of oil derived from plant sources.

Whilst this is not the first launch of a bio-derived oil, it is the first by a global company. Castrol’s clever engineering and cutting edge technology take plant oil (and its natural lubricating qualities) and combine it with traditional fossil-based oils. This delivers a bio-lubricant that protects equally well as standard Castrol EDGE or MAGNATEC.

To build demand for Castrol’s Bio-Synthetic oils among the ‘Engaged Green’ audiences in pilot markets, the US, Australia and China, WMH created the counter intuitive proposition “The future of engine protection is plants”.

Using an alphabet created with sugar cane leaves and stems, unexpected words reflect the direct link between the automotive and plant based worlds. A film spot shows the tension between these two worlds, showing a car travelling at speed through a leaf.