Ocean Network Express

A disrupter in a sea of sameness.

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Launching a completely new container shipping business – Ocean Network Express proved to be WMH’s largest brand identity venture of the year. Following an amalgamation between three of Japan’s giant container companies (NYK, MOL and K Line), WMH were challenged to bring together three giant shipping companies, finding a common purpose and creating an identity that could be deployed across 2m containers and 240 enormous ships was always going to be a huge creative and physical challenge.

ONE instantly became the 6th largest player in the global shipping market – and they needed an identity that brought this to life.

WMH found their inspiration in the containers themselves. After all, these simple 8 × 8 × 40 ft. cubes are more than just large metal boxes, they are the lifeblood of our planet. Every year, containers transport 95% of commodities across the seas oxygenating our globe.

WMH created a visual ‘frame’. This device, based on the shape of the humble container, enabled ONE to ‘frame’ the world and its resources as well as highlight the company’s innate ability to transport assets and aspirations around the planet. The identity further transcended the container-shipping category by utilising a disruptive colour palette –predominantly magenta.

The magenta colour shows our intentional drive to do things differently, and explore newness in this market.” said ONE chief executive Jeremy Nixon.

A brand film was also created to introduce the idea that we are all ONE – one world, one network, with one aim. And this was signed off with a new strapline, ’All routes lead to ONE.’ During the course of the project, WMH collaborated with Japan’s leading ad agency, Hakuhodo.

Website link: https://www.one-line.com/