New Blood Judging 2017

This May, WMH’s Design Director Mark Nichols visited D&AD’s new swanky offices as part of the D&AD New Blood jury. He was a judge on the Arjowiggins Creative Papers brief which set out to unite print and pixels, asking how print and digital platforms might form a new, symbiotic, relationship.

The task was to create a campaign, product or service for Sony Music, Facebook or Instagram that reminds digital customers of the power of paper.

Mark was joined on the multidisciplinary jury by Jack Renwick, acting D&AD President, Rob Newlan, Facebook Creative Shop’s EMEA Director and Sean Perkins, Director at North Design, along with a wide range of other creatives from advertising, design and paper artistry.

The work well received, but did it break the mould?
The provisional online round of judging saw 265 entries from across the globe, some underwhelming and well wide of the mark, some entertaining, but off brief, some ‘good’ and a handful that stood out as being truly great.

On the day, the Arjowiggins jury awarded two wood pencils, three graphite pencils and one yellow pencil.

WINNER of the Yellow Pencil: Colorgram is a concept for Arjowiggins Creative Papers that engages Instagram users in real life. It identifies shapes and colours in Instagram posts and transforms them into minimalistic die cut art. Congratulations to Jack Welles and Danae Gosset, from the School of Visual Arts, NYC.

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So what tips does Mark have for creating a winner?

“To start with, it’s imperative to interrogate the brief fully. Not only must your work answer the brief but it must stand out, stretch the brief and turn it upside down and look at it from a new, and relevant, perspective.

It’s unlikely your first answer will be the winning answer (no matter how good you think it is). Chances are, if it comes easily, many other people will have thought of the same solution. Trust me, we saw a lot of the same ideas regurgitated and skinned slightly differently. You have to persist until you’ve created something you’ve never seen before.

Having a proper grasp of the latest technologies, creative platforms, relevant social issues and a thorough and un-biased understanding of the target audience, will also help elevate your entry.

Once all of the above is in place you’re in with a chance. Now, to test if your idea will translate, can you easily and confidently describe it in no more than two short sentences? If it takes an essay and tons of boards to explain your ground breaking creation, the chances are you’ve overcomplicated it and got lost in your own genius.

Of course the one thing all the winners had in common was a great and original idea at the heart of the work.

To get to the higher pencil levels the work had to be well executed and commercially achievable – it’s a lot easier to have a great idea without thinking of its practicalities.

To win you need to have the jury arguing over who’s going to employ you first and be nervous that they’re going to be left behind by the next generation of creative mega minds! Easy right? No. Design is and will remain a challenging discipline, but with the right amount of blood, sweat and ideas your work just may get rewarded with the coveted D&AD pencil”.

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WMH wins coveted D&AD Yellow Pencil!


Williams-murray-hamm-coco-der-mer_D_AD_Pencil-yellow-2016Tonight, WMH was awarded a coveted D&AD Yellow Pencil for its packaging design work for Coco de Mer.

D&AD (Design and Art Direction) is a world renowned British educational charity that promotes excellence in design and advertising. The annual awards as regarded as one of the major events in the creative world and a ‘Yellow Pencil’ is the equivalent of a gold award.

On winning the award, Garrick Hamm, Creative Director of Williams Murray Hamm said:

“I dedicate this pencil to Dick Murray. Once asked, if his house was burning down what would he grab, he said ‘just his yellow pencil. ‘Jelly Man’ would have been out tonight for sure. Also, a huge thank you to Coco De Mer for being such a wonderful client”.

This award continues WMH’s extraordinary year. Having won Gold in the DBA Design Effectiveness Awards in January for its work on soft drink JuiceBurst, WMH’s Coco de Mer design has won a Mobius award, ‘Best in Book’ in Creative Review and a Drum Design award.   


Luxurious, enticing and empowering, Coco de Mer is where you “explore the exhilarating limits of your erotic imagination”. Online and in their London boutique, they collect and curate only the finest erotica to “inspire exploration, excitement and enjoyment”.

WMH’s new identity for Coco de Mer involved a gently recrafted logo and a changed, more exotic colour scheme of gold and deep red derived from the successful and eclectic store interior.

The most talked about aspect of the redesign was the creation of packaging for a new ‘signature’ range of luxury toys and lubricants inspired by history’s Grandes Dames of seduction.

WMH-COCO-DE-MER-RANGE-INNER-WEBThese feature erotic images of nude women, botanical prints and portraits of three historical figures whose sex lives were notorious: Catherine Howard, former Queen of England and wife of Henry VIII, who was beheaded for adultery; Georgiana Cavendish, the Duchess of Devonshire, whose affairs were portrayed in 2008’s film ‘The Duchess’; and Nell Gwynne, the long-term mistress of King Charles II.

Inspired by the legendary peephole in the original Covent Garden store’s changing room, a small hole in an outer sleeve offers a teasing glimpse of the seductress behind, who looks back knowingly at the viewer.

Lucy Litwack, Managing Director at Coco de Mer said:

“It was an enjoyable and captivating journey to develop our new Pleasure Collection packaging with Williams Murray Hamm and we are delighted that the work has been recognised with so many awards. It was a great opportunity to collaborate with an agency which truly understood our values and developed designs that embraced our vision. Well deserved congratulations to the remarkable team who worked with us on this project.”    

The product range is available online and in Coco de Mer’s Covent Garden flagship store.

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