The Ghost

A new film by WMH creative director, Garrick Hamm, “The Ghost” starring Emilia Fox and new comer, 9-year old, Felix Jamieson.

The Ghost

Garrick has been making short films for the past ten years, but he fell in love with visual storytelling while studying to become a graphic designer at Somerset College of Arts. His film school training was watching films with his father and reading every screenplay book he could lay his hands on.

Garrick’s first film was silent movie, shot on 35mm, over 14 weekends as they waited for the best weather. His latest “The Ghost”, is based on the tragic true story of John White, a Spurs footballer who was killed after being hit by lightning in 1964. He was just 27 years old. His son, Rob, was only six months old. The story is told from his perspective, who never had a chance to know his father – examining themes of loss.

The film has already racked up many awards including Best British Short and Best Director at the London Independent Film Awards last July. Whilst it will also feature at LA Shorts Fest, one of the most prestigious and largest international short film festivals in the world.

WMH will be screening the film to a select audience in Central London this evening, 20th September.