Set to Burst


We’ve always had a strong portfolio of ambitious small brands that can’t afford large ad budgets. They tend to see their packaging as media they own and come to us because we create campaignable ideas that they can make noise with.

Purity Soft Drinks is typical of this kind of client. They have huge ambitions for their JuiceBurst brand, which is loved by newsagents across the land, but so completely anonymous that few consumers would recognise it.

We were hired, initially, to develop the brand strategy and packaging, but the work has taken us much further and into the realms of film-making, SFX and augmented reality.

JuiceBurst looked like an own label product in a clunky bottle. The only way we could make it behave like a brand was create an identity based on the one thing it could own – the best juice on the shelf having a bit of an outburst. The idea’s in the name.

Because we’re such an ideas driven business, people don’t realise that we love designing pack structures. In this case we created a big fat, juicy shape that glugs effortlessly – JuiceBurst is a big drink.

All along, it was clear that we could do so much more with the brand than redesign it. Squeezing the pips of the marketing budget (we just had to get that in) we worked with Artem, the firm behind many of the special effects of the Olympics ceremonies. They became expert at detonating fruit while Matt Broad caught it all on high speed, HD film. Lisa Desforges wrote the witty outbursts and Frank Pescod did his magic on the musical front.

The result is a range of films with beautiful, real fruit bursting in all their glory. A still of the film is used on each label and you can watch a short documentary film of how we did it, a must see. How could you resist watching grown men blow up fruit? It’ll be as big as ‘Buttrocket’, only messier. See the making-of film here.

Blippar™ is a phone app that recognises features of a label, or newspaper and brings it to life. In the case of JuiceBurst, you point your smartphone at the label and you’re presented with interactive graphics that turn with the bottle and offer you games, win prizes or let you watch the ‘How We Made JuiceBurst’ short film.

Working closely with the guys at Blippar, we’re proud to present the first ever augmented-reality enabled soft drinks packaging. See all the fruit bursting films here.

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