WMH hosts ‘Everything We Touch’ with Paula Zuccotti.

Ethnographer and author describes her work at a private breakfast briefing


On Wednesday 24th May, Williams Murray Hamm hosted a breakfast briefing with Paula Zuccotti, an industrial designer, trends forecaster and ethnographer.

Her latest book project, “Everything We Touch” has received rapturous applause from around the globe, leading to radio appearances and full-page spreads in, amongst others, The Guardian, The Sun and the Sunday Telegraph.

 What if everything you touched in one day were brought together in one place? What story would they tell? 

Paula travelled around the world asking people to document every object they touched in 24 hours. She then gathered those objects together and photographed them in a single shot.


From a toddler in Tokyo to a cowboy in Arizona, from a cleaner in London to a cloister nun in Madrid, Every Thing We Touch is their story told through the objects they own, consume, need, choose, treasure and can’t let go.


To hear the inside story of peoples’ lives through the things they use everyday, check out the trailer below:

For more information you can purchase the book directly from Penguin and you can check her out on tumblr.


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