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FAB is the only international awards programme that recognises the best creative work in the food, beverage and restaurant industry. Agencies and brands from over 60 countries enter their work into a variety of categories including advertising, brand identity, packaging design and digital communications. Although FAB liked their 23-year old logo, they felt it didn’t reflect their special place in the creative industry.


WMH wanted to create an awards brand that reflects the unique status of the programme. The new look captures the creative and joyous world of food and beverage. Bringing ‘deliciousness’ to the awards and identity. The identity needed to work across all FAB properties, including FAB Forum, which is being supported with a Google partnership and the FAB News site.


At the heart of the identity is FAB’s new logo. It uses a friendly sans serif rendering of the letters FAB, with a bite mark out of the A and a straw in the B. WMH decided to retain the existing red and white palette, but adjusted it to a deeper and more powerful red. To ensure better stand out, particularly in the digital space.

FAB and WMH quickly agreed on the importance of changing the actual award trophies. As sustainability is such an important issue for the food & beverage industry, FAB and WMH felt that the statuettes should be made entirely out of recycled material. The agency collaborated with experts who manufacture exquisite hand-crafted material from reprocessed packaging. By using waste to create the prestigious awards, FAB and WMH hope to change people’s perceptions around recycled materials and unlock their hidden potential – turning rubbish into beauty.