Jean & Temple

Providing flexibility in clothing for a multitude of attitudes, seasons and people

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Jean & Temple is a new fashion label founded by Creative Director Miranda Waller, who came to WMH with a clear vision. Miranda creates clothing that is designed specially to be a basic, everyday component in a person’s varied wardrobe. Elegant basics that have flattering and confidence-enhancing cuts, to suit all body shapes. Jean & Temple designs are for the everyday and follow colour trends, not seasons. Its clothing is capable of enhancing various bold and unique fashion styles.


We spoke to a wide range of women, asking them about their approach to clothing. They use clothing to communicate in lots of different ways, from black pencil skirts worn for an assertive look at work, to leather trousers for a rebellious look on a night out. They rely on key timeless items of clothing that can be combined with these different moods and occasions. Jean & Temple is built on this insight that everyone is made up of many facets. This approach led us to create a brand that provides flexibility in clothing for a multitude of attitudes, seasons and people.


Core to the brand mark is the ampersand symbol, which represents conjunction – different facets coming together. The mark is combined with statements that are written in a bold “protest” typography. These statements depict womens’ various approaches to fashion and help form the brand’s ethos. The simple black and white palette allows the colours of the clothes to shine through. WMH produced a range of launch materials such as a look-book and e-commerce site. Images and a brand film were created in collaboration with award winning photographer and film director Alyssa Boni. Together with RÅN studio, WMH documented behind-the-scenes imagery for further social content.