Seresin Estate

Michael Seresin began his career, in 1966, as a cinematographer but has always harboured a passion for wines. In 1992, he bought the Marlborough NZ estate, which is today the largest area of fully certified organic vineyards in New Zealand. Until now, they have sold their wines and produce almost exclusively on the Estate and via sales distributors.

Williams Murray Hamm were approached to create a new website which would not only reflect owner Michael Seresin’s personality and beliefs, but also showcase the Estate and provide the missing and vital e-commerce platform.

WMH set about creating an immersive experience, allowing the audience to engage with the Estate and purchase its produce online.

Taking inspiration from widescreen cinema, WMH created an anamorphic ‘letter box’ layout for the website, referencing Michael Seresin’s cinematographic career. The amalgamation of B&W film and photography articulates the majestic and atmospheric landscapes of the Seresin Estate.  The contacts and distributors page, laid out like a set of film credits, gives a further nod to the cinematic world.

Website link: Seresin Estate